Dating a man who earns less money

Interclass relationships are becoming commonplace as women continue graduating from college at higher rates than men.

The Politics Of Earning More Than Your Boyfriend

Chances are you could fall in love with a man who makes less than you do! BMWK, what do you think? Should women date men who make less than they do? Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. This copyrighted material may not be republished without express permission. The information presented here is for general educational purposes only. Signup for our FREE 4-part video series!

That's rich... women decline to date men who earn less - however good looking

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Sure I understand if you fall for someone who just happens to be wealthy and also provides you with all of the other things you need in a healthy relationship , but to specifically seek it out seems wrong. And I probably would again. My current partner earns almost double what I do. His career has grown over the course of our 7-year relationships.

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And mine will, too. That article made me feel so gross to read it. Or, I should say, I would never have that expectation. Maybe we need to step back and stop being so cynical for a moment. Lots of these rich old guys uhm, Trump? Does that make these women horrible people?

If you are a man having trouble getting a date, you may just not earn enough money.

Actually I bet a lot of rich guys prefer that kind of women. My husband will never make anywhere near what I do, but when we began our lives together, we were both students and broke. But he is dedicated to what he does and that is good enough for me. Money is often used as a proxy for relationship contribution, but certainly there are other ways to contribute to the relationship.

The canonical example being staying home to raise children for married couples. I think in dating money is often used as a proxy to make a judgement about how interested each of you are about contributing to each other.

Dating Someone with Less Money or More Time

Now the more you make the easier it is to have different values because you have a big enough budget to accommodate everything. I think like tends to attract like in this situation as people at similar incomes are more likely to have similar values, and are used to similar standards of living rather than two people with disparate incomes. I promised myself from a young age that I would never rely solely on another person for income if I had the means and ability to generate my own.

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Working on generating additional passive income is part of that strategy of independence. As for dating someone of significant income disparity? Not a dealbreaker as long as they held some of the same values in terms of frugality and knowing they needed to work hard to build the life they want — together as a couple and as an individual — and not rely upon me to do it for them. Met my current boyfriend when he was unemployed for six months by choice. Goose eggs at that point, haha. He now owns a couple of rental properties which he renovated in the past year.

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  • Is it really going to make them cheat on you? Absolutely not. Unless your boyfriend's a dick..
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The attitude toward money. There are plenty of high income generators who are in more debt and more broke than a vase on a concrete floor. My husband makes a little more than half of my salary, and he made even less when we met. What matters more is that we are on the same page in terms of lifestyle, spending habits, and goals for the future.

Ladies- Would You Date A Man With No Job?

If this woman is relying on her youthful looks and body to snag these 6-figure men, what will she do when that fades? A smart woman values herself more than that;. Without answering that I could date someone who earned less income than me but then it comes down to spending habits and values.